Photographers never really retire... Some of us just change gears later on and do it more for pleasure rather than income.

Although my commercial portfolio is backed by over 30 years of experience in the world of Glamour, Editorial, Advertising and Direct Mail, including such clients as American Express, Harrod's UK, Marks & Spencer UK, Sports Illustrated, Sulka,  Jordan Marsh, Sony Corp, Federated Stores, Gallerias-Madrid, Zabar's, Gevalia Kaffe and numerous  other international clients...

My true love of the art was ...and still is Glamour!

My best work has always been doing test shoots, 1 on 1 establishing a creative connection with the model during the photo session. The female body is by itself an incredible work of art. In the beginning of my career I took courses in Life Drawing and "Photographing the Nude" at The School of Visual Arts in NYC.  In the years since, I built on what I learned by using lighting as my my paint and film as my canvas. See The Body Beautiful. In the past I worked with many of the well established Supermodels and also "new faces" from Wilhelmina, Ford, Zoli and Elite model agencies here in New York City. and Michele Pommier in Miami. Today I do it at my leisure and it's with who I want...


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Gary Sugameli

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